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~ About Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School ~

Nestled among the apple orchards and wooded coastal hills of the Avila Valley, Bellevue-Santa Fe is one of California’s premier charter schools serving kindergarten through 6th grade. Originally a traditional public school, Bellevue-Santa Fe became a charter school in 1996 in an effort to preserve its small-school atmosphere and offer residents of the Central Coast an innovative and inspired, community-based public education experience. Our school’s educational program was formed around a simple yet compelling idea:


"The education of a child is a shared responsibility and a cooperative endeavor that is at its best when everyone works together."


Students and their families, teachers, staff and the community at large come together at Bellevue to create a unique learning environment, one that accommodates each child’s individual abilities and challenges and helps them to achieve their full potential both academically and personally.


Charter school status gives us the opportunity to creatively address the needs of our student body, while maintaining high academic standards. In 2008, Bellevue-Santa Fe was honored with the California Distinguished School Award, a distinction bestowed upon five percent of public schools each year following a rigorous selection process.